how much should I spend on a subwoofer

I needed a subwoofer for entertainment a few days ago, but I didn’t know how much should I spend on a subwoofer. I asked my family members and friends for advice on how much should I spend on a subwoofer, but no one could help me because they didn’t know either.

When I became hopeless after asking my family members and friends, I started my research. After extensive research, I discovered how much I should spend on a subwoofer. According to my research, I purchased a subwoofer that was very useful for me.

How Much Should I Spend on a Subwoofer

If you’re on a tight budget, you can spend from fifty to a hundred dollars on your subwoofer.
If you have a mid-range budget, you can spend a hundred to five hundred on a subwoofer.
If your budget is high, you can spend up to a thousand dollars on your subwoofer.

In today’s article, I’ll guide you on how much you should spend on a subwoofer. I’ll present all of my research in this article so that you can purchase a good subwoofer after reading it.

Factors that influence the cost of a subwoofer

how much should I spend on a subwoofer

Before I dive into telling you how much you should spend on a subwoofer, let me first tell you about some factors that can affect the price of a subwoofer, either making it cheaper or more expensive.


Generally speaking, larger subwoofers are more expensive than smaller ones. It’s because larger drivers are more expensive to produce and require more powerful amplifiers to drive them.

You can also see this if you buy something in the market if the big size is expensive and the small size is cheap. So you have to look at the size of the subwoofer according to your space.

Power handling:

The power handling capacity of a subwoofer refers to the amount of power it can handle without distortion. Subwoofers with higher power handling capabilities tend to be more expensive than those with lower power.

Therefore, whenever you think of buying a subwoofer, you must remember how much power you need.

Build quality:

The build quality of a subwoofer can also affect its cost. Subwoofers made with higher-quality materials and construction techniques are more expensive than those made with lower-quality materials.


The brand of a subwoofer can also influence its cost. Well-known brands with a reputation for quality, such as JL Audio and SVS, tend to be more expensive than lesser-known brands.

How much should I spend on a subwoofer?

how much should I spend on a subwoofer

Now let’s talk about the main point: how much should I spend on a subwoofer? When considering spending on the subwoofer, you should decide based on your budget and specifications.

Based on your budget, I can give you some guidelines that you can keep in mind while making your decision.

Budget subwoofers:

If you’re on a tight budget, you can find subwoofers for as little as $50-$100. However, these subwoofers have lower power handling capacities and may produce a lower-quality sound.

Mid-range subwoofers:

If you’re willing to spend more, you can find subwoofers in the $200-$500 range that offers better performance and higher power handling capabilities.

High-end subwoofers:

You can spend $1,000 or more on a high-end subwoofer if you want the best possible performance. These subwoofers typically offer the highest power handling capacities and the best build quality and can produce incredibly detailed and impactful bass.

If you’re looking for a good subwoofer, I have already uploaded a comprehensive article that provides a range of subwoofers based on your budget. You can click here to read the article and find subwoofers that align with your budget.

Tips for choosing the right subwoofer

how much should I spend on a subwoofer

Now it’s time to tell you how to select a good subwoofer.

Consider the size of your room:

Larger rooms may require larger subwoofers to provide good bass. Conversely, smaller rooms may be overwhelmed by a large subwoofer.

Think about the type of music you listen to:

Different types of music require different types of bass responses. For example, rock music may require a subwoofer with a faster response time, while electronic music may require a subwoofer with a deeper low-end.

Don’t skimp on quality:

While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper subwoofer to save money, you’ll likely be sacrificing sound quality. Investing in a higher-quality subwoofer that will provide better performance and last longer is better.

Types of Subwoofers

You can find many types of subwoofers in the market. All have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the subwoofer according to your specifications and budget.

Sealed subwoofers:

Sealed subwoofers are enclosed in a sealed box, which creates a tight, accurate bass response. They are typically more compact than other subwoofers and can be a good choice for smaller rooms or music genres requiring tight, controlled bass. If your budget is low, you can opt for a sealed subwoofer that will meet your needs as per your budget.

Ported subwoofers:

Ported subwoofers feature a port or vent in the enclosure that allows air to escape, which creates a deeper, more boomy bass response. They tend to be larger than sealed subwoofers and require more power to drive.

If your budget falls in the mid-range, then you can choose this subwoofer; this subwoofer will be the best for you according to your budget.

Bandpass subwoofers:

Bandpass subwoofers use a specialized enclosure that allows the subwoofer to operate in a specific frequency range.

They tend to be more efficient than other subwoofers and produce loud, powerful bass. A bandpass subwoofer will also fit into your mid-range budget.

Powered subwoofers:

Powered subwoofers have a built-in amplifier, eliminating the need for a separate amplifier. They are typically easier to set up and can be a good choice for those who don’t want to invest in a separate amplifier.

If you purchase a subwoofer, it won’t provide you with optimal performance. You must build a subwoofer box to extract excellent performance from your subwoofer.

I have uploaded an article that explains how to construct a subwoofer box. You can learn how to build a suitable box for your subwoofer by reading it.

FAQs: How Much Should I Spend on a Subwoofer

Conclusion on How Much Should I Spend on a Subwoofer

If you’re considering spending on a subwoofer, it relies on several factors: the size of your subwoofer, power handling, build quality, and brand. Increasing these factors will also increase your subwoofer budget.

If your budget is limited, you can choose a subwoofer from $50 to $100. If your budget allows a bit more, you can spend between $100 to $500 on a subwoofer.

In today’s article, I have provided detailed guidance on how much should I spend on a subwoofer, which factors influence subwoofer prices, and how to select a good subwoofer.

If you have questions regarding subwoofers, please ask in the comment section. I will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends so they can also learn how much to spend on a subwoofer.

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