Best Subwoofer For Under Truck Seat

When it comes to enhancing the audio experience in your truck, choosing the right subwoofer is key. As we explore the world of sound, finding the best subwoofer for under truck seat becomes a crucial quest for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

With an array of options available, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect fit. This guide aims to simplify that choice, offering insights into top picks and essential factors to consider.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or just enjoy a richer sound quality on the road, this article will help you navigate the choices and find the ideal under-seat subwoofer for your truck.

Why Consider a Subwoofer for Under Truck Seat?

Why Consider a Subwoofer for Under Truck Seat

Have you ever thought about why a subwoofer under your truck seat could be a game-changer for your driving experience? Let’s dive into this idea!

Space-Saving Sound Boost

Firstly, we all know how precious space is in a truck. You need room for your tools, gear, and sometimes, a furry friend or two. That’s where under-seat subwoofers shine!

They tuck neatly under your seat, giving you that bass boost without eating up space. It’s like having a secret sound weapon hidden away!

Enhanced Sound Quality

Now, let’s talk about the sound. A subwoofer under your truck seat isn’t just about saving space; it’s about enriching your music experience. You know that feeling when you hear a song and the bass line just hits right?

That’s what we’re aiming for. An under-seat subwoofer brings out the depth and richness in music that standard speakers might miss. It’s like being at a concert right in your truck!

Transform Your Truck’s Audio Experience

Imagine driving down the road, your favorite track playing, and feeling every beat with clarity and depth. That’s the magic of adding a subwoofer.

It’s not just about louder music; it’s about clearer, fuller, and more immersive sound. Whether it’s country, rock, or anything in between, a subwoofer can make your truck the best place to listen.

In one of our articles, Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck, we delve deeper into how a powered subwoofer can elevate your truck’s sound system. It’s a great read if you’re considering a subwoofer that combines power and convenience.

So, whether you’re on a long haul or just cruising around town, adding an under-seat subwoofer could be the upgrade your truck needs. It’s all about making your time on the road as enjoyable as possible, and what better way than with top-notch sound quality?

Quick Pick Section

  • Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8

    • Efficient performance with MOSFET
    • Ideal for limited space
    • Accepts both high and low-level inputs
    • Adjustable bass settings to suit your preferences
  • Cerwin Vega VPAS10

    • 550 watts peak, 200 watts RMS
    • PWM MOSFET Power Supply
    • Includes a variable bass boost and low-pass filter
    • Fits easily under truck seats
  • Kenwood KSC-PSW8

    • Efficient and powerful bass delivery
    • 150 watts RMS, 250 watts peak
    • Range of 35-150 Hz for diverse music genres
    • Easy adjustments from the driver’s seat
  • Planet Audio P8AWK

    • Powerful bass in a compact package
    • MOSFET Power Supply
    • Includes low-pass filter and bass boost
    • Thermal protection for long-lasting performance

Top Picks of Best Subwoofer for Under Truck Seat

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8 Powered Under Seat Truck Subwoofer

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8

  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Variable Low-Pass Filter
  • MOSFET power supply technology

Are you looking for a subwoofer that fits snugly under your truck seat and delivers powerful sound? Let’s take a closer look at the Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8, a model that’s been catching eyes and ears in the truck community.

Key Features

Built-in Amplifier:

What stands out in the LOPRO8 is its integrated amplifier. This feature is a big win for us because it uses MOSFET power supply technology. In simpler terms, it means you get efficient performance with less power needed, which is great for your truck’s battery.

Space-Saving Design:

At just 15” x 9.75” x 3”, this subwoofer fits beautifully under your seat. For truck owners who value space, this is a perfect choice. It’s like having a secret sound powerhouse hidden away!

Variable Low-Pass Filter:

This technical jargon translates to better sound control. You can filter out high notes, ensuring that your bass is crisp and not muddled by unwanted frequencies.

Durability and Warranty:

The Sound Storm Laboratories’ commitment to quality is evident in their 3-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty. This assurance is a big plus for us truck owners who want reliability and peace of mind.


BrandSound Storm Laboratories
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityUses RCA for connectivity, giving you a reliable and straightforward setup
Special FeatureBass boost, a nifty addition for those who love to feel the rhythm

Best For

This subwoofer shines in its versatility. Whether you’re a music enthusiast craving deep bass or someone who enjoys a clearer sound during long drives, the LOPRO8 has you covered. Its low-profile design makes it a perfect fit for trucks where space is at a premium.

Installation and Connectivity

With both high-level and low-level inputs, this subwoofer is a breeze to connect, whether you have a factory radio or an aftermarket one. If you’re not tech-savvy, fear not! In our article How to Put a Subwoofer in a Truck, we walk you through the steps of easy installation.

The Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8 is a compact, powerful, and versatile subwoofer that’s ideal for truck owners looking to enhance their audio experience without sacrificing space. Its blend of technical prowess and user-friendly features make it a top pick in our list of under-seat subwoofers for trucks.

Cerwin Vega VPAS10 Under-Seat Subwoofer for Truck

Cerwin Vega VPAS10 Under-Seat Subwoofer for Truck

Cerwin Vega VPAS10

  • Powerful Sound in a Compact Package
  • Smart Technology for Quality Sound
  • Customizable Bass Experience
  • Peak Power 550W & RMS Power 200W

If you’re in the market for an under-seat subwoofer that combines power and precision, the Cerwin Vega VPAS10 might just be what you need. Let’s dive into what makes this subwoofer a standout choice for truck owners.

Key Features

Powerful Sound in a Compact Package:

The VPAS10 packs a punch with a peak power of 550 watts and 200 watts RMS. This means you get a subwoofer that delivers strong, impactful bass without taking up too much space under your seat.

Smart Technology for Quality Sound:

It features a PWM MOSFET Power Supply and Thermal Protection Circuit. In simple words, this means your subwoofer is smart enough to deliver high-quality sound consistently while protecting itself from overheating.

Customizable Bass Experience:

With the variable bass boost ranging from 0 to +12 dB and a low-pass filter adjustable from 85 to 150 Hz, you’re in control. Whether you like your bass deep and rumbling or more subtle, this subwoofer lets you tweak the sound to your liking.

Safety and Durability

Safety is key, and the VPAS10’s thermal protection circuit ensures your subwoofer operates safely, even during those long drives. It’s built to last, giving you peace of mind and consistent performance.


BrandCerwin Vega
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityUtilizes RCA and high-level inputs for versatile connectivity options
Special FeatureComes with a remote control for convenient adjustments

Best For

The Cerwin Vega VPAS10 is an excellent choice for truck owners who don’t want to compromise on sound quality, even in a limited space. Its compact size coupled with the powerful output makes it ideal for enhancing your music experience without cluttering your truck’s interior.

Installation and User Experience

This subwoofer’s user-friendly design extends to its installation process. With options for both RCA and high-level inputs, you can easily connect it to different types of audio systems. The remote subwoofer control is a handy addition, allowing you to adjust settings on the go.

The Cerwin Vega VPAS10 under-seat subwoofer for trucks stands out for its blend of power, sound quality, and user-friendly features. It’s an excellent addition for those who want to experience deep bass and crisp sound without sacrificing space or safety.

For truck owners looking to get more insight into subwoofer placement, our article Where to Put a Sub in a Truck offers valuable tips and tricks.

Kenwood KSC-PSW8 Under Seat Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-PSW8 Under Seat Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-PSW8

  • Efficient Class D Amplifier
  • Balanced Power and Size
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • RMS Power 150W & Peak Power 250W

When it comes to optimizing the audio in your truck, the Kenwood KSC-PSW8 under-seat powered subwoofer deserves a closer look. Let’s break down what makes this subwoofer a great addition to your truck’s sound system.

Key Features

Efficient Class D Amplifier:

The heart of this subwoofer is its Class D amplifier. This means it’s efficient, produces less heat, and delivers crisp, clear bass. It’s like having a powerful yet silent partner enhancing your music.

Balanced Power and Size:

With 150 watts RMS power and a peak of 250 watts, the KSC-PSW8 strikes a perfect balance between size and performance. It’s powerful enough to make your music come alive, yet it won’t take up too much space under your seat.

Wide Frequency Range:

This subwoofer covers a frequency response from 35 to 150 Hz. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll hear every beat and bass line in your music with clarity and depth, no matter the genre.

User-Friendly Installation and Control

The inclusion of a remote control means you can adjust the bass levels right from your seat, making it convenient to tailor your listening experience. Also, with its RCA connectivity, setting up this subwoofer is straightforward, even if you’re not a tech expert.


Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityUses RCA connections, offering ease of installation
Special FeatureComes with a remote control for convenient adjustments

Best For

The Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is ideal for truck owners who want to enhance their audio experience without overwhelming their space. It’s especially suited for those who appreciate a mix of quality bass and practicality.

The Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is a compact, powerful, and versatile under-seat subwoofer that’s perfect for enhancing the audio experience in your truck.

It combines quality sound, user-friendly features, and a sleek design, making it a top choice for truck owners. For more insights into getting the best bass in your truck, our article “Best Truck Subwoofer for Deep Bass” is a must-read.

Planet Audio P8AWK Low Profile Under Seat Powered Truck Subwoofer

Planet Audio P8AWK Low Profile Under Seat Powered Truck Subwoofer

Planet Audio P8AWK

  • Integrated Amplifier
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • Versatile Sound Controls
  • Low-pass filter and bass boost

If you’re on a quest to find a subwoofer that fits perfectly under your truck seat and delivers top-notch sound, the Planet Audio P8AWK might just be your answer. Let’s dive into the details of this compact powerhouse.

Key Features

Integrated Amplifier:

The built-in amplifier is a standout feature here. It means you don’t need an external amp, making this subwoofer a compact, all-in-one solution. This is great for truck owners who want to save space without sacrificing sound quality.

MOSFET Power Supply:

This technology is a big deal in the audio world. It means the subwoofer operates more efficiently, using less power to deliver better performance. That’s good news for your truck’s battery!

Versatile Sound Controls:

With its variable low-pass filter and bass boost, you get to control how your music sounds. Whether you love your bass thumping or prefer a more subtle sound, this subwoofer lets you customize to your heart’s content.

Installation and Connectivity

One of the perks of this subwoofer is its ease of installation. With both high and low-level inputs, it’s compatible with almost any truck audio system. The variable gain control is a handy tool, allowing you to fine-tune the signal from your receiver for optimal sound quality.


BrandPlanet Audio
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityFeatures RCA connections, ensuring easy and reliable setup
Special FeatureBuilt-in amplifier for a streamlined audio experience

Best For

The Planet Audio P8AWK is an excellent choice for truck owners who need a space-efficient subwoofer that doesn’t compromise on power. Its 800-watt high output makes it ideal for those who crave a strong bass presence in their music.

The Planet Audio P8AWK is a robust and versatile under-seat subwoofer for trucks. Its combination of powerful sound, compact design, and user-friendly features make it a top contender for anyone looking to upgrade their truck’s audio system.

For those interested in exploring more about subwoofers and truck modifications, our article How to Build a Subwoofer Box for a Truck offers valuable insights and tips.

Alpine PWE-S8 Truck Under Seat Subwoofer

Alpine PWE-S8 Truck Under Seat Subwoofer

Alpine PWE-S8

  • Compact Yet Powerful
  • Shallow Mount Design
  • Quality Amplification
  • RMS power 120 Watts & peak 240 Watts

Are you in search of a subwoofer that not only fits snugly in your truck but also delivers impressive sound? The Alpine PWE-S8 could be just what you need. Let’s explore what makes this compact subwoofer a great pick.

Key Features

Compact Yet Powerful:

The PWE-S8 strikes a wonderful balance between size and power. With an RMS power handling of 120 Watts and a peak of 240 Watts, this subwoofer packs enough punch to enhance your music without overwhelming your truck’s space.

Shallow Mount Design:

Its dimensions of 13 1/2″ x 9″ x 3″ make it a perfect fit for under-seat installation. This shallow mount design means you get to keep your truck’s interior looking neat while enjoying great sound.

Quality Amplification:

The built-in Class D amplifier is a standout feature. It’s known for efficiency, producing less heat, and delivering a clear, crisp bass. This makes the PWE-S8 not just a space-saver, but also a reliable source of quality sound.

Installation and Usage

The Alpine PWE-S8 is user-friendly when it comes to installation, thanks to its compact size and RCA connectivity. It fits seamlessly under most truck seats, making it a practical choice for enhancing your audio experience without any interior modifications.


Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityEmploys RCA technology for easy and effective connectivity
Frequency ResponseCovers a range from 32 to 150 Hz

Best For

This subwoofer is an ideal choice for truck owners who value both space efficiency and sound quality. It’s particularly suited for those who enjoy a range of music genres and want to experience a fuller, richer bass.

The Alpine PWE-S8 is more than just a subwoofer; it’s a compact, efficient, and versatile solution for truck owners looking to upgrade their audio system. Its blend of size, power, and quality makes it a top contender in the world of truck subwoofers.

For those looking to explore more about compact subwoofers, our article “Best Compact Subwoofer for Truck” offers additional insights and recommendations.

NVX QBUS8P Under Seat Subwoofer

NVX QBUS8P Under Seat Subwoofer

NVX QBUS8P Subwoofer

  • Space-Efficient Design
  • Versatile Low-Pass Filter
  • Ease of Installation
  • Frequency Range 50-150 Hz

For truck owners looking to add some serious bass without sacrificing space, the NVX QBUS8P is a fantastic option. Let’s break down what makes this subwoofer a great choice for your truck’s audio system.

Key Features

Space-Efficient Design:

The QBUS8P is a real space saver, combining a built-in 300W amplifier with an 8” subwoofer. This makes it perfect for trucks where space is at a premium, providing powerful bass without cluttering your interior.

Versatile Low-Pass Filter:

The adjustable low-pass filter, ranging from 50-150 Hz, is a key feature. It lets you control which bass notes you hear, ensuring that your music sounds just right. This level of customization is something we love, as it caters to different music tastes and preferences.

Ease of Installation:

Whether your truck has a factory radio or an aftermarket unit, the QBUS8P is designed for easy installation. It accepts both speaker wire and RCA cable inputs, making the setup process a breeze.

User-Friendly Features

The automatic turn-on feature is a standout. It powers up the subwoofer whenever it detects an audio signal, eliminating the need for a remote turn-on wire. This feature makes it not just user-friendly but also a time-saver during installation.


Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityXLR connections
Power Handling300W Peak, 150W RMS

Best For

This subwoofer is ideal for truck owners who want a significant bass upgrade without the hassle of a complicated installation process. It’s especially great for those who have limited space but don’t want to compromise on sound quality.

The NVX QBUS8P is a compact, powerful, and user-friendly under-seat subwoofer system that’s perfect for truck owners looking to enhance their audio experience. Its blend of space-saving design, ease of installation, and sound customization makes it a top pick for an under-seat subwoofer.

For those interested in learning more about integrating subwoofers with amps in your truck, our article “Subwoofer for Truck with Amp” offers additional insights and helpful tips.

Seventour Slim Under Seat Subwoofer for Truck

Seventour Slim Under Seat Subwoofer for Truck

Seventour Slim Under Seat Sub

  • Sleek Design with LED Lighting
  • Powerful and Compact
  • Versatile Sound Customization
  • Peak Power 800W & RMS Power 220W

For those of you truck enthusiasts looking to add a blend of style and powerful bass to your ride, the Seventour ST-800 could be the perfect fit. Let’s dive into what makes this subwoofer stand out.

Key Features

Sleek Design with LED Lighting:

What sets the Seventour ST-800 apart is its cool blue LED ambient light. This feature adds a dynamic and stylish look to your truck, especially in low-light conditions. It’s not just a subwoofer; it’s a statement piece.

Powerful and Compact:

With a peak power of 800 watts and RMS power handling of 220 watts, this subwoofer packs a serious punch. Its ultra-slim design makes it an ideal fit for under-seat installation, ensuring you don’t sacrifice space for power.

Versatile Sound Customization:

The inclusion of gain, bass boost, and crossover controls gives you complete authority over how your music sounds. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or stuck in traffic, you can fine-tune your audio experience to your liking.

User Experience

The wired bass volume remote control is a handy addition, allowing for easy adjustments on the go. Plus, the cast aluminum enclosure ensures excellent heat dissipation, which means reliable performance over time.

Safety and Sound Quality

With built-in thermal, short circuit, and overload protection circuitry, the Seventour ST-800 is designed to deliver not just powerful, but also safe and reliable performance. The low total harmonic distortion (< 0.4%) ensures your bass sounds clear, not distorted.


Speaker TypeSubwoofer
ConnectivityOffers flexibility with RCA, Auxiliary, and USB options
Special FeaturesIncludes bass boost and noise-canceling technology for a cleaner sound

Best For

This subwoofer is best suited for truck owners who love a mix of aesthetics and audio performance. Its LED lighting and robust bass output make it perfect for those who want their truck to look and sound great.

The Seventour ST-800 is more than just a subwoofer; it’s a blend of style, power, and innovation. Its compact design, powerful output, and LED lighting make it a top choice for truck owners looking to upgrade their audio experience with a touch of flair.

For those interested in exploring shallow subwoofers for trucks, our article Best Shallow Subwoofer for Truck provides more insights and options.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Under-Seat Truck Subwoofer

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Under-Seat Subwoofer

Picking the right under-seat subwoofer for your truck isn’t just about buying the first one you see. There are a few key things you need to think about to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Let’s walk through these factors together.

Size and Fit: Making the Most of Your Space

  • Space-Saving is Key: We all know that space in a truck is precious. So, the size and fit of the subwoofer are super important. You want something that fits neatly under your seat without taking up too much room. It’s all about finding that perfect size that’s big enough to deliver good sound but small enough to be out of the way.

Power Handling and Sound Quality: Feel the Beat

  • Understanding RMS and Peak Power: When we talk about power handling, we’re looking at RMS (continuous power) and peak power. RMS power tells you how much power the subwoofer can handle regularly, while peak power is the maximum it can handle in short bursts. A good balance of both ensures your subwoofer will not only be loud enough but also last longer.
  • Sound Clarity is Crucial: You want a subwoofer that not only makes your truck rumble but also keeps the bass clear and crisp. Nobody likes a subwoofer that sounds like it’s struggling.

Build Quality and Durability: Built to Last

  • Toughness Matters: Your truck’s interior can be a rough place, especially on bumpy roads. A well-built subwoofer that can withstand some shaking and rattling is a must. Look for durable materials and solid construction.

Connectivity and Compatibility: Easy Does It

  • Wired or Wireless?: Some subwoofers come with wireless connectivity options, which can be super convenient. But remember, wired connections, like RCA inputs, often provide a more stable and reliable sound connection. Choose what works best for your truck’s setup.
  • Compatibility Counts: It’s important to check if the subwoofer is compatible with your existing audio system. You don’t want to buy something that won’t connect to your truck’s system.

Price: Finding the Sweet Spot

  • Quality vs. Cost: We all love a good deal, but remember, sometimes you get what you pay for. Balancing the cost with the quality and features you need is the key. It’s about finding that sweet spot where price and quality meet.

In our article, Best Subwoofer for Truck, we dive deeper into some top-notch subwoofers that balance all these factors beautifully.

Conclusion: Best Subwoofer for Under Truck Seat

As we wrap up, let’s remember that picking the best subwoofer for under your truck seat is a journey unique to each of us. We’ve explored various aspects, from the space-saving designs of these subwoofers to their power handling capabilities, ensuring you get not just any sound, but quality sound. It’s about balancing durability, connectivity, and, of course, the price to find that perfect match for your truck.

I encourage you to think about your own needs. Are you looking for something that rocks your world with deep bass, or do you prefer a subwoofer that’s more about clarity and subtlety?

Maybe you need a subwoofer that’s easy to connect with your current system. Whatever your needs, there’s a subwoofer out there that’s just right for you.

So, take a moment, revisit the key points we’ve discussed, and consider what matters most to you in your truck’s audio experience.

And when you’re ready, dive in and explore these fantastic options further. The best subwoofer for under your truck seat is waiting to transform your drive into an unforgettable audio journey.

FAQs: Best Subwoofer for Under Truck Seat

Do underseat subwoofers sound good?

Yes, underseat subwoofers can sound great! They are designed to provide a solid bass response and enrich your audio experience, even in the confined space under a seat.

Can you put a subwoofer under a truck seat?

Absolutely! Underseat subwoofers are specifically designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively under a seat, making them a perfect choice for vehicles where space is limited.

How do I choose an underseat subwoofer?

When choosing an underseat subwoofer, consider factors like size and fit for your vehicle, power handling, sound quality, durability, connectivity options, and your budget. Matching these to your needs will help you find the right subwoofer.

What is the best frequency for underseat subwoofer?

The best frequency range for an underseat subwoofer typically lies between 20 Hz to 150 Hz. This range ensures a deep and rich bass sound that complements the overall audio output of your vehicle’s sound system.

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