Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck

Ever felt that urge to enhance your truck’s audio experience? I know I have, and that’s why we’re talking about the Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck today.

We all love the deep, resonant bass that adds a soulful touch to our favorite tracks, especially when we’re cruising down the highway. In this guide, I’ll walk you through some top-notch subwoofers that can transform your truck’s sound system.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or just someone who enjoys a good beat, you’re in the right place to find the perfect subwoofer for your ride. Let’s get started on this sonic journey!

Quick Pick Section


    • 250 W Max Class D amplifier
    • Ideal for trucks with limited space
    • Optimizes space without compromising on bass quality
  • KICKER 46HS10

    • Drives robust and clear bass
    • Perfect for under-seat installation
    • Quick-connect Molex plug and minimal parts required
  • Alpine PWE-S8

    • Ideal for tight spaces
    • For efficient and high-quality bass output
    • RMS power handling of 120 Watts, peak of 240 Watts
  • JBL Basspro SL2

    • Compact yet powerful subwoofer system
    • Bass Boost Feature
    • 35Hz – 120Hz for a full range of bass sounds

7 Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck

PIONEER TS-WX400DA Subwoofer for Truck



  • Powerful Built-in Amplifier
  • Ideal for trucks with limited space
  • Optimized Size and Shape

Key Features

  • Powerful Built-in Amplifier: The heart of this subwoofer is its robust 250 W Max (100 W RMS) Class D amplifier. It ensures you get that punchy, deep bass, elevating your truck’s audio experience.
  • Optimized Size and Shape: The 9″ x 5-1/2″ rectangular design, with an effective 8″ woofer area, is perfect for trucks where space is at a premium. It’s compact yet powerful!


Model NameTSWX400DA
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Special FeatureAmplifier
Dimensions11.75″ W x 7.875″ D x 3.875″ H

Best For

Digital Bass Control: This feature is a standout. Pioneer’s DIGITAL BASS CONTROL adapts the output to your listening preference and truck’s interior. Whether you love your beats booming or subtly deep, this subwoofer gets it right every time.
Installation Flexibility: Its compact size doesn’t just save space; it opens up possibilities for installation. You can fit this subwoofer in various spots without sacrificing precious truck space.

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Pyle 8-Inch Low-Profile Powered Subwoofer for Truck

Pyle 8-Inch Low-Profile

Pyle 8-Inch Low-Profile

  • Powerful Bass in a Compact Package
  • Built-In Amplifier for Ultimate Control
  • Space-Saving Design

Key Features

  • Powerful Bass in a Compact Package: With 600 watts of power, this Pyle subwoofer is a powerhouse in a small frame. It’s perfect for pumping out those deep, resonant bass tones that make every ride more enjoyable.
  • Built-In Amplifier for Ultimate Control: The integrated amplifier is a game-changer. It comes with low pass crossovers and a knob to adjust input sensitivity. This means you can tailor the bass to your exact liking – whether you’re in the mood for subtle beats or earth-shaking bass.
  • Space-Saving Design: At just 3 inches high, this subwoofer fits snugly under most vehicle seats. Its compact size (12.8”x9.5″x3”) makes it ideal for trucks where space is a premium. No need to sacrifice legroom for great sound!
  • Versatile Connectivity: With both high and low-level inputs, this subwoofer caters to all setups. Whether your head unit has RCA outputs or not, the Pyle subwoofer adapts seamlessly, ensuring easy installation and compatibility.


Model NamePLBX8A
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Special FeatureBass Boost, Overload Protection, Delay Remote Turn-On Thermal, Adjustable Input Sensitivity

Best For

Enhanced Audio Experience in Limited Spaces: If you’re struggling to find a subwoofer that fits in your truck without taking up too much space, this is it. The Pyle 8-Inch subwoofer is perfect for under-seat installation, ensuring your truck remains tidy while your audio experience is elevated.
Customizable Sound Settings: For those who love tweaking their audio settings to perfection, the built-in amplifier and adjustable input sensitivity let you control every aspect of your bass output. It’s ideal for audiophiles who demand personalized sound.

Curious about how to build a subwoofer box for a truck? We’ve got you covered with comprehensive guides that detail everything you need to know. This article is a treasure trove of information, helping you make the most out of your truck’s sound system.

Alpine PWE-S8 Sub for Truck

Alpine PWE-S8 Sub

Alpine PWE-S8 Sub

  • Robust Power in a Slim Package
  • Slim and Shallow Mount Design
  • High-Quality Class D Amplifier

Key Features

  • Robust Power in a Slim Package: The Alpine PWE-S8 strikes a perfect balance with its RMS power handling of 120 Watts and a peak of 240 Watts. This means it’s powerful enough to deliver deep and impactful bass without overpowering your truck’s audio system.
  • Slim and Shallow Mount Design: With its slim profile (dimensions: 13 1/2″ x 9″ x 3″), the PWE-S8 is specially designed for truck enthusiasts who value both space and sound. It fits snugly in tight spaces, making it ideal for under-seat or behind-seat installations.
  • High-Quality Class D Amplifier: The built-in Class D amplifier is not just about power; it’s about efficient and clean bass output. This ensures your truck’s sound system delivers consistent, high-quality bass, no matter what you’re listening to.
  • Optimized Frequency Response: With a frequency response range of 32-150 Hz, the Alpine PWE-S8 ensures that you hear every beat and bass line as it was meant to be heard, providing an immersive listening experience.


Model NameAlpine Restyle
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Recommended UsesFor Truck
Dimensions13 1/2″ x 9″ x 3″

Best For

Compact Spaces and Powerful Bass: If you’re looking to boost your truck’s bass without losing precious space, this subwoofer is the way to go. It’s perfect for truck owners who want a blend of powerful, clear bass and space-saving design.
Diverse Music Genres: Whether you’re into rock, hip-hop, country, or electronic music, the Alpine PWE-S8’s wide frequency range can handle it all. It’s ideal for those who appreciate diverse music styles and want their truck’s sound system to keep up.

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MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Truck’s Powered Subwoofer

MTX Audio RT8PT Universal


  • Optimized Power Output
  • Convenient External Bass Control
  • High-Performance Subwoofer Design

Key Features

  • Optimized Power Output: The MTX Audio RT8PT doesn’t just boast power; it masters it with 120 Watts RMS. This means it delivers consistently powerful and clear bass, perfect for enhancing your favorite tracks as you drive.
  • High-Performance Subwoofer Design: Featuring an 8″ high-performance subwoofer within a carpeted, vented enclosure, this setup is designed to maximize sound quality and bass response, giving you that concert-like feel right in your truck.
  • Versatile Connectivity Options: With both high-level and RCA inputs, this subwoofer fits effortlessly into any system setup. Whether you’re a tech novice or an audio pro, connecting this subwoofer is a breeze.
  • Convenient External Bass Control: This feature is a game-changer. The external bass control allows you to adjust the volume from the front of your vehicle, making it incredibly user-friendly and accessible.


BrandMTX Audio
Model NameRT8PT
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Special FeatureLightweight
Amplifier Power Output120 Watts RMS

Best For

Compact and Versatile Installations: Given its size and connectivity options, the MTX Audio RT8PT is a fantastic choice for truck owners who need a subwoofer that’s easy to install and fits snugly in limited spaces.
User-Friendly Bass Management: If you love having control over your music experience without the hassle of complex adjustments, the external bass control of this subwoofer will be your best friend.

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Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 Powered Sub for Truck

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10

  • High-Efficiency Built-In Amplifier
  • Customizable Sound with Variable Low-Pass Filter
  • Variable Bass Boost for Personalized Sound

Key Features

  • High-Efficiency Built-In Amplifier: The MOSFET power supply in the LOPRO10 ensures efficient performance with less power required. This means you get superior sound quality without straining your vehicle’s power system.
  • Customizable Sound with Variable Low-Pass Filter: The low-pass filter is a standout feature. It filters out high notes, letting you focus on the deep, resonant bass tones. This customization is great for tailoring your audio experience to your liking.
  • Flexible Connectivity Options: With both high-level and low-level inputs, this subwoofer integrates seamlessly with any system. Whether you’re hooking it up to a factory radio or an aftermarket setup, it’s ready to go.
  • Variable Bass Boost for Personalized Sound: The bass boost allows you to tweak the low bass within the boost range. It’s perfect for those who like their music with a little extra thump or prefer a more subtle bass line.


BrandSound Storm Laboratories
Model NameLOPRO8
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Special FeatureBass Boost
Dimensions15” x 9.75” x 3”

Best For

Space-Saving Bass Enhancement: With dimensions of 15” x 9.75” x 3”, this subwoofer is ideal for trucks where space is at a premium. It’s a great solution for those who want a powerful bass experience without sacrificing space.
Easy Integration with Existing Systems: Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, the LOPRO10’s versatile connectivity makes it a breeze to add to your truck’s audio system.

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JBL Basspro SL2 Subwoofer for Truck

JBL Basspro SL2

JBL Basspro SL2

  • Compact Powerhouse
  • Sleek and Space-Efficient Design
  • Optimized Frequency Response

Key Features

  • Compact Powerhouse: Don’t let its size fool you; the JBL Basspro SL2 delivers a solid 125W RMS. This compact subwoofer packs a punch, providing robust bass that enhances your music experience in the truck.
  • Customizable Bass Boost: With a bass boost ranging from 0dB to +9dB at 70Hz, you can tailor your audio experience. Whether you prefer subtle bass undertones or want to feel the beat, this subwoofer has you covered.
  • Sleek and Space-Efficient Design: Measuring 13-9/16″ x 9-7/8″ x 2-13/16″, it’s designed to fit neatly under the seat. This makes it perfect for truck owners who want great sound without sacrificing space.
  • Optimized Frequency Response: The frequency response of 35Hz – 120Hz ensures you get a full range of bass sounds. From the deep rumble of a bass guitar to the quick hit of a bass drum, it captures it all.


Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Frequency Response35Hz – 120Hz
Special FeatureCar Audio Subwoofer
Dimensions13-9/16″ x 9-7/8″ x 2-13/16″

Best For

Enhancing Your Truck’s Audio Experience: If you’re looking to upgrade your truck’s sound system with powerful bass that doesn’t take up much space, the JBL Basspro SL2 is an excellent choice.
Music Lovers of All Genres: Whether you’re into rock, pop, electronic, or jazz, this subwoofer’s wide frequency response and customizable settings make it ideal for all kinds of music enthusiasts.

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KICKER 46HS10 Subwoofer

KICKER 46HS10 Subwoofer


  • Upgraded Size for Deeper Bass
  • Powerful Built-In Amplifier
  • Ultra-Compact Design

Key Features

  • Upgraded Size for Deeper Bass: The KICKER 46HS10 now includes a 10-inch subwoofer model, alongside the 8-inch. This upgrade means deeper, richer bass that can really enhance the audio in your truck.
  • Powerful Built-In Amplifier: Equipped with a 180 Watt amplifier, this subwoofer delivers robust sound. Whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, the clarity and depth of the bass are unmatched.
  • Ultra-Compact Design: At just over three inches high, the 46HS10 is incredibly space-efficient. It’s perfect for trucks where every inch of space counts, offering great sound without taking up too much room.
  • Easy Installation: The quick-connect Molex plug and harness, along with minimal parts, make installation a breeze. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to get this subwoofer up and running.


Model Name46HS10
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Special FeatureAluminum Frame, Compact
Amplifier Power180 Watt

Best For

Trucks with Limited Space: If you’re looking for a subwoofer that offers great sound without eating up your truck’s interior space, the KICKER 46HS10 is a fantastic option.
Ease of Use and Installation: For truck owners who want a straightforward, hassle-free audio upgrade, this subwoofer’s easy installation and remote bass control make it a top choice.

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Buying Guide of Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck

Buying Guide of Best Subwoofer for Truck

Picking the right subwoofer for your truck can be like finding the perfect travel buddy for your road trips – it needs to be compatible, reliable, and enhance your journey. Here’s a simple guide to help you make the perfect choice:

1. Size Matters

  • Space in Your Truck: Consider how much room you have. Subwoofers come in various sizes, and you’ll want one that fits comfortably in your truck without taking up too much space.
  • Subwoofer Size: Larger subwoofers generally produce deeper bass, but modern technology means even smaller ones can pack a punch.

2. Power and Quality of Sound

  • Power Handling: Look at RMS power ratings for a realistic measure of continuous power handling.
  • Sensitivity: This determines how effectively a subwoofer converts power into sound. Higher sensitivity means better efficiency.

3. Type of Enclosure

  • Enclosed Subwoofers: These come pre-mounted in a box designed for optimal performance. Great for ease of installation.
  • Component Subwoofers: If you love customizing, these are for you. But remember, they require an enclosure to be built or bought separately.

4. Compatibility with Existing System

  • Connectivity: Check if the subwoofer is compatible with your truck’s current audio system.
  • Impedance: Match the subwoofer’s impedance (ohms) with your system for the best performance.

5. Installation

  • DIY vs Professional Installation: Consider if you want to install the subwoofer yourself or get professional help. Some subwoofers are more user-friendly for DIY installation.

6. Additional Features

  • Bass Boost and Frequency Range: Adjustability in these areas can greatly enhance your listening experience.
  • Remote Control: For ease of adjusting settings without moving from your seat.

While choosing a subwoofer, you might also want to check out our article on best shallow subwoofer for truck. It provides insights into subwoofers that deliver great sound without requiring much space – a perfect read if your truck has limited room.

FAQs: Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck

What is the best powered subwoofer for Truck?

The “best” powered subwoofer can vary based on your needs, but models like the PIONEER TS-WX400DA and KICKER 46HS10 are popular for their balance of power, size, and sound quality.

Can you put subwoofers in a truck?

Absolutely! Subwoofers can be installed in trucks. The key is choosing the right size and type that fits your truck’s space and audio system needs.

How can I make my truck bass louder?

To make your truck’s bass louder, consider a subwoofer with a higher power rating, adjust the bass settings on your audio system, or add a bass booster if your system supports it.

How do I make my truck sound better?

Improving your truck’s sound involves a few steps: upgrading to a quality sound system, installing good subwoofers, using soundproofing materials to reduce noise interference, and regularly maintaining your audio equipment.

Conclusion On Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck

As we wrap up this journey through the world of truck audio, remember, finding the ‘Best Powered Subwoofer for Truck’ is all about matching your specific needs with the right product.

We’ve explored various models, each with unique features, from compact designs to powerful bass output. Whether you’re an audiophile or just enjoy good music on the road, the right subwoofer can transform your truck into a dynamic soundstage.

👍 Key Takeaways

  • Consider space, power, and sound quality when choosing a subwoofer.
  • Installation and connectivity are crucial for a seamless setup.
  • Personal preferences in bass and sound customization play a big role.

I’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences or questions about truck subwoofers in the comments. Your insights could be incredibly helpful to others making their choice.

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