will a cracked subwoofer still work

Will a cracked subwoofer still work? If your subwoofer is damaged, it still works, but its sound quality is severely affected. When your subwoofer is damaged, you should either get your subwoofer repaired or replace the subwoofer.

In today’s article, we guide you in detail on how to know if your subwoofer is cracked and how you can fix a cracked subwoofer.

If you’re excited to fix your cracked subwoofer, then be sure to read this article from start to end. In this article, you’ll find the complete method of fixing a subwoofer.

Will a cracked subwoofer still work?

Yes, when your subwoofer crack, it still works. The performance of the subwoofer deteriorates when the subwoofer cracks. Sound quality suffers when your subwoofer explodes.

When the subwoofer explodes, it obstructs the path of the outgoing sound, causing the sound to be distorted and unclear. Therefore, getting it repaired or replacing it with a new subwoofer when the subwoofer breaks becomes necessary.

If your car subwoofer explodes, you won’t be able to enjoy that subwoofer on your journey. A trip without a good subwoofer is boring.

Additionally, a crack in the subwoofer’s enclosure can cause air leakage, reducing the bass impact and making the subwoofer less efficient.

So, while a cracked subwoofer may still produce sound, it may not deliver the same high-quality audio experience as an undamaged subwoofer.

Reasons for a cracked subwoofer:

will a cracked subwoofer still work
will a cracked subwoofer still work

There can be many reasons behind the cracked subwoofer. I’m going to guide you in detail about all these reasons.

  • Physical Impact
  • Over excursion
  • Age and Wear
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Manufacturing Defects

Physical Impact:

The physical impact is one of the main reasons behind subwoofer cracking. It involves your subwoofer hitting a hard surface which can cause it to crack.


Subwoofers are designed to move back and forth to create sound waves. However, if the subwoofer is driven beyond its limits or subjected to excessive power, it can over-excursion. It can cause the cone to flex too much and potentially result in cracks.

 Age and Wear:

As your subwoofer ages, its materials weaken, increasing the chances of the subwoofer cracking.

Temperature and Humidity:

Extreme temperature changes or exposure to high humidity levels can affect the subwoofer’s materials.

The expansion and contraction of the materials due to temperature fluctuations can lead to cracks.

Manufacturing Defects:

There’re many times when your subwoofer may have manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects increase the chances of the subwoofer cracking.

These were some of the reasons why your subwoofer cracked. If you want to prevent your subwoofer from cracking, keep these reasons in mind.

If you take care of your subwoofer daily, the chances of the subwoofer cracking are reduced.

The impact of the cracked subwoofer:

When your subwoofer cracks, it can seriously affect the functionality and performance of your subwoofer.

  • Sound Quality
  • Air Leakage
  • Structural Integrity

Sound Quality:

When your subwoofer explodes, it degrades the sound quality of your subwoofer. When your subwoofer is cracked, the sound coming out of it’s not clear. When the sound isn’t clear, the sound is not understood.

 Air Leakage:

When the subwoofer explodes, it starts to leak air. Subwoofers rely on a sealed or ported enclosure to optimize bass response.

A crack in the enclosure can introduce unwanted air leaks, negatively affecting the subwoofer’s performance. Air leakage adversely affects sound bass, performance, and sound quality.

Structural Integrity:

A cracked subwoofer affects the structural integrity, reducing the subwoofer’s ability to function. It prevents driver movement that can affect the subwoofer’s ability to reproduce low frequencies.

How To Protect Your Subwoofer From Cracks?

will a cracked subwoofer still work

There are many people whose subwoofers explode. Subwoofer explosions are caused by their carelessness. Now I’ll tell you how you can protect your subwoofer from exploding.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Keep your subwoofer out of direct sunlight
  • The subwoofer is in a cool place
  • Avoid Adding Heavy Weight to the subwoofer

Avoid extreme temperatures:

Extreme temperatures can have a detrimental effect on the materials of your subwoofer. Excessive heat or cold can cause the materials to expand or contract, potentially leading to cracks.

Avoid placing your subwoofer in areas exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations to prevent this. Find a location where the temperature remains relatively stable.

Keep your subwoofer out of direct sunlight:

Direct sunlight can cause the temperature of your subwoofer to rise significantly, especially if it’s made of materials that absorb heat.

If your subwoofer is exposed to sunlight for long periods, the chances of its materials weakening increase. Therefore, it is essential to protect the subwoofer from direct sunlight.

Place Your Subwoofer in a Cool Place:

Keeping your subwoofer in a calm environment is essential to protect it from cracking. Heat can cause materials to expand, increasing the risk of cracking.

Place your subwoofer in a location where your subwoofer can receive adequate ventilation and airflow. If you give your subwoofer such an environment, the chances of exploding are reduced.

Avoid Adding Heavy Weight On Subwoofer:

Put only a little weight on your subwoofer. When you put too much weight on the subwoofer, it puts pressure on the enclosure to burst.

Be mindful of the weight capacity of your subwoofer, and refrain from placing heavy items on it.

Is it Worth Fixing A Cracked Subwoofer?

Whether a cracked subwoofer is repairable depends on a few factors. All those factors I’m going to tell you below.

  • The extent of the damage
  • Cost of Repair
  • Audio Quality
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Personal Value

The extent of the damage:

First, check how broken your subwoofer is. If your subwoofer has minor damage that doesn’t affect the subwoofer’s performance, repairing it’s a good option.

However, if the crack is extensive or compromises the structural integrity of the subwoofer, it might be more challenging to repair effectively.

Cost of Repair:

Check how much it costs to repair a subwoofer. Subwoofer repair costs depend on the crack’s extent and the repairman’s skill.

If the cost to repair your subwoofer is close to or equal to that of a new subwoofer, you should buy a new subwoofer instead of repairing a broken one.

Audio Quality:

Check the audio quality. It is essential. It may be worth repairing if the cracked subwoofer doesn’t significantly affect the audio quality.

If a cracked subwoofer has adversely affected the audio quality, invest in a new subwoofer rather than repair it.

Warranty Coverage:

If your subwoofer breaks, instead of repairing it, check the warranty to see if your subwoofer is still under warranty.

If your subwoofer is still under warranty, review the warranty terms and conditions, and if your subwoofer meets the warranty terms and conditions, send it to the manufacturer. They either replace your subwoofer with a new one or repair a broken subwoofer.

Personal Value:

Check out the Personal Value of a Subwoofer to see how much your subwoofer could be worth. If the subwoofer is essential to you, you should repair it.

If a subwoofer doesn’t mean much to you, investing in a new subwoofer may be your best bet.

These are some points to remember as you decide whether to repair your broken subwoofer or replace it with a new one.

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How to fix a cracked subwoofer?

will a cracked subwoofer still work

When your subwoofer breaks, it’s possible to repair it. If you’ve read the points above and decided I should get my subwoofer repaired, I’ll teach you how to fix your cracked subwoofer.

  • Assess the Damage
  • Disconnect and Remove the Subwoofer
  • Clean the Area
  • Apply Adhesive
  • Secure the Crack
  • Allow for Proper Drying
  • Reinstall the Subwoofer
  • Test the Subwoofer

Here are eight points you can follow to fix your cracked subwoofer. Now let me guide you in detail about all the eight points and how you have to follow these points.

Assess the Damage:

First, check the extent of damage to your subwoofer. It enabled you to understand the extent of the repair required and the materials needed.

Disconnect and Remove the Subwoofer:

Now that you know the damage to your subwoofer, it’s time to disconnect the subwoofer from the power and audio system. Please remove it from its enclosure or mounting to allow easier access for repair.

Clean the Area:

Take a clean cloth and clean the area where your subwoofer is broken. Clean in such a way that no dirt remains.

Apply Adhesive:

After cleaning the damaged area, you must apply an adhesive to hold the broken pieces together.

Secure the Crack:

Gently press the cracked surfaces together to ensure a proper bond. Use clamps or apply pressure with your hands, if feasible, to hold the broken parts in place while the adhesive sets.

Be cautious not to apply excessive force that could further damage the subwoofer.

Allow for Proper Drying:

After applying the adhesive to the broken parts and pressing it well, you now have to lay it out to dry completely.

Reinstall the Subwoofer:

Once the adhesive has dried, carefully reinstall the subwoofer into its enclosure or mounting. Ensure all connections are correctly reconnected.

Test the Subwoofer:

When you have done all these things, it is time to check whether your subwoofer is working correctly.

Best if your subwoofer is working fine. If your subwoofer is not working correctly, you must check where you went wrong. If you have made a mistake, correct it.

How do you know when your subwoofer is broken in?

How do you know if your subwoofer is broken? For that, let me tell you some tips you can follow to find out if your subwoofer is broken.

  • Time and usage
  • Change in sound quality
  • More Bass
  • Little Subwoofer Distortion
  • Personal Perception

Time and usage:

When you run the subwoofer for more than a time, your subwoofer starts to break down. Premature breakage of a subwoofer also depends on its brand and material quality.

Change in sound quality:

When the sound quality of your subwoofer starts to decrease, understand that your subwoofer is beginning to break down. A difference in sound quality is the most significant sign of a faulty subwoofer.

More Bass:

When your subwoofer suddenly starts producing too much bass, it’s a sign that it is beginning to break down.

Little Subwoofer Distortion:

When you feel that your subwoofer’s sound is starting to distort, you should know that your subwoofer is beginning to break.

Personal Perception:

Your subjective perception of the subwoofer’s performance can indicate whether it has broken in. As you become more accustomed to the sound characteristics of your subwoofer over time, you may notice a smoother integration with the rest of your audio system and a sense of improved overall performance.

When you first notice a broken subwoofer, get it repaired right away. If you delay, your subwoofer may be damaged.

Subwoofer Repair Kit

will a cracked subwoofer still work

You may wonder what items can be included in a subwoofer repair kit. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you about the Subwoofer Repair Kit.

A subwoofer repair kit is a collection of tools and materials that you can use to repair your damaged subwoofer. This kit contains many essential components.

  • Adhesive
  • Speaker Cone
  • Surrounds/Rubbers
  • Voice Coils
  • Dust Caps
  • Gaskets and Grommets
  • Soldering Tools
  • Instructions and Guides

You should include some components in your subwoofer repair kit. When your subwoofer is damaged, you can repair your subwoofer using ingredients.

If you want to know what these tools do and how to use them, let me know in the comment section, and I’ll write and upload a complete article on them.


When the subwoofer breaks, it does the work but doesn’t give you the performance it used to. When the subwoofer is broken, the sound quality is much worse.

Today in this article, I have guided you on whether will a cracked subwoofer still work or not. If you want to worry about this question, please read this article thoroughly. All your confusion will clear after reading this article.

If you have any questions about the cracked subwoofer, please ask me through the comment section. I’m ready to answer all your questions.

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Can you repair the subwoofer?

Yes, subwoofers can often be repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage, professional repair technicians can fix issues such as cracks, blown speakers, or faulty components.

Does a crack in a subwoofer affect the sound?

Yes, a crack in a subwoofer can affect the sound quality. It can cause distortion, reduced bass response, or uneven frequency response. Repairing the damage is recommended to restore optimal sound performance.

What happens if a subwoofer is cracked?

If a subwoofer is cracked, it can result in diminished sound quality, reduced bass response, distortion, and potential structural issues. Repairing the crack is recommended to restore optimal performance and prevent further damage.

Can a blown subwoofer still play?

No, a blown subwoofer cannot play properly. When a subwoofer is blown, the speaker cone or other components are damaged, resulting in distorted or no sound output. Repair or replacement is necessary to restore functionality.

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